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Francine ''Fanny'' Fennekin by Steelbeam Francine ''Fanny'' Fennekin by Steelbeam
Name: Francine
Nickname: "Fanny"
Pokemon: Fennekin
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2'' (But if you ask her she'll say 5'7'' because she'll count her ears.)
Weight: ~150 lbs (For now.)

Likes: Pixy Stix (A LOT); French pastries; cool temperatures; learning about forgien objects, foods, and customs

Dislikes: Anyone who picks on her or anyone she cares about, warm temperatures, occasionally certain forgien foods

Personality: Fanny is sweet and very lady-like, and also rather naive in a number of ways thanks to having lived a sheltered childhood. She speaks with a French accent, and has a notable sweet-tooth, espeically for Pixy Stix, which she often carries the way some French ladies carry a cigarette. She tends to flirt with people she knows, but isn't neccesairly being serious, she thinks it's just a game. She perfers cooler places by far because in warmer places she becomes overheated. She will, however, become almost violently fierce and sharp-tongued when dealing with anyone who she percieves as mistreating her or anyone she cares about.

History: Fanny was heavily sheltered most of her life, so she is naive in a number of ways. She grew up close to a candy and pastry shop from which she developed her sweet-tooth and addiction to Pixy Stix. Ever since her first encounter with a forgiener, she hopes to get the chance to explore places she hasn't been to both around her home region and in the other regions as well.

Additional Info:
-Her addiction to Pixy Stix and sweet-tooth have been causing her to steadily put weight on, though she doesn't really notice it much because she gains in flattering way. However, others have noticed her rear in particular showing the signs of her slow but near endless binging, thus the nickname "Fanny".
-"Fanny" is also a real French name. Both it and Francine mean "From France".
-Although she is very lady-like, she is not above trying things like greasy foods, and will tolerate a limited amount of mess on her person during mealtimes.
-Although she dislikes warmer places, she enjoys the warmth of other people.

This adorable Fennekin gijinka is another adoptable I've obtained, this time through auction. I'm already in the process of working out details about her such as name, backstory, and so on, and will be adding those to this later.

Credit for the original design, which I have no intention to change at all for time being, goes to :icondesiree-u:. I believe she intends to make and put up for sale/auction more gijinks from the other generations as well, so if you're interested in a gijinka starter adoptable of your own, keep an eye on her, she makes cute ones. :D

Edit 1: So now I've choosen a name for her, which I've changed the title of the deviation to reflect. I already have basicly all my other info about her sorted out as well, which I'll be adding on the next edit once I get it all in a layout I like.

Edit 2: Ok, unexpected quick edit, I just noticed that the group :iconpkmn-gijink-a-nthro: wanted to add this image to their group, which I feel is an honor even though I didn't make her myself. Thank you, and be sure proper credit goes to :icondesiree-u: as the artist who actually did the work on this.

Edit 3: The big one. I decided to re-arange how the edit info was laid out, but more importantly, I've actually added in more detailed information on Fanny now. I used examples of how people have presented info for their gijinkas in PokeVillage applications to guide me on how best to arange the info, and to help me get a grasp of things like what an average weight and height were so I could make a more informed decision on what hers would be. At this time I have no plans to get involved with PokeVillage or any of the other gijinka RP groups here on DA, but this sadly mostly comes from the fact that I am not an artist, and these groups want you to be able to draw your character yourself so you can make pictures of the RPs you do. I may, however, be willing to consider RP with her outside of those groups, or with anyone in the groups willing to do an RP outside of the group. Also, I would like to add info to her concerning an ability and moveset, but for now that information is unknown and I'd rather not make assumptions even on the ability, so I will probably just add that stuff in later this year as the info becomes available.
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Gahala Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful !!!!!!!
Baripon12 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
whoa... if only i had money myself ;^-^... she is extremely cute and i love her description... can i hug her? or is she off limits to anybody but you?
Steelbeam Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2016
A hug is fine.  X3
Baripon12 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016
can i redeem that hug now?... i kind of need it Y-Y... (not feeling the best right now)
Steelbeam Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016
Aww, sure.
MoosexCupcake Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Hm. I like how her addiction to sweets actually causes her to gain weight. Most people just have their oc eating sweets out the wazzooo with no effect so it's nice to see someone actually use logic
Maybe when you sketch her, make her a little chubby? 5'2 and 150 would prolly be pretty chubby actually...
Anyways I like her description ^--^
Steelbeam Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Thank you.  ^.^  Truth be told I'm no artist, if I ever have more pics of her to post they'll probably be commissions I got other people to do.
MoosexCupcake Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
Well, I understand that feeling. Still, she's cute and you can tell you put a lot of thought into her description.
I actually saw the adopts and then saw yours and was like oh Heyyy that's where it went.
The design of the character is phenomal. You picked a good adopt.
Steelbeam Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
Thank you, I agree, the artist makes amazing adoptables, and I'm a little sad I've missed out on chances to get others I would have loved, but at least I got this one.
MoosexCupcake Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
Haha yes you are very lucky to have gotten this cutie :)
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